Starting a Pledge

If you are interested in starting a pledge (being a 'pledge holder') you are welcome to do so (so long as your pledge does not contravene our safer spaces policy .

Pledges are started by emailing us with your idea. We may be able to put you in touch with others who are interested in a similar pledge.

Ensure you are willing to spread the information about your pledge to your contacts and that you will support your pledge as pledge initiator, for example by sending updates to pledges, by giving detailed information about the pledge you are starting. A specific website or facebook page (as well as the pledge page on this website) might be of value for your pledge to provide further details and facilitate discussion and feedback. You are responsible for the content of your pledge.

It is possible to remain anonymous as a pledge initiator if you feel that is appropriate. You might use an encrypted email. This choice should be balanced against the value for people considering pledging, of them knowing who is initiating a pledge and why.

Email us the following outline:

  • A title for the pledge of 20 words or less
  • A summary of the pledge of less than 60 words including the number of pledgees you are seeking. Pick a number you feel is large enough to give the pledge power, but not so large you are unlikely to get the numbers. Focus on what change you are calling for.
  • Provide more information about what the action is and what change you are calling for

Give more detail about the action that people are being asked to pledge to do:

  • Say more about the problem as it stands currently and why action is required
  • Be specific about the change that you are calling for.
  • Provide links to further information including your website or facebook page.
  • Pledge Holder - say more about yourself and why you are initiating the pledge.

Depending on the nature of the pledge and the current activity on the site, we may share the information about your pledge with people that have joined the site, though we can't guarantee to do that. We have to balance the need to share information with the amount of traffic coming from the site. We need to know you are able to hold the space by providing supportive information to your pledges.

For pledges related to civil disobedience it is important that you state what you are willing to do if others join you and share that information. Encouraging other people in any way to join in is an illegal act. We can't post materials that encourages people to undertake illegal activity, we can merely share information.

Company law limits the liabilities of Directors. You may wish to set up a company to be the official holder of your pledge. The simplest way to do this is in the UK is to register as a company limited by shares with Companies House UK, using standard articles as provided by companies house.