As well as the Compassionate Revolution song and leaflet, here's a bunch of things which may be of use:

  • CR logo (with the tagline in jpeg format), CR pledged logo (png format) and the CR Avatar (you can use these with this creative commons license)
  • You can declare yourself a Compassionate Revolutionary by adding a Twibbon (banner across the bottom of your photograph) on twitter and Facebook
  • A special edition of the Occupied Sun for printing and sharing
  • A sticker saying "Beware propaganda, 80% of UK news outlets are owned by 5 billionaires who serve vested interests (& the BBC has right wing bias). The current system is failing, Alternatives exist that share resources fairly and protect life on earth."
    It is 60mm x 60mm and can be printed 12 to a sheet by a local printer. A legal advisor suggested attaching to free newspapers should be OK since they don't belong to anyone.