Draft Manifesto


Here are some ideas for how we could organise things differently. Please don't see this as a blueprint or expect us to have an exact roadmap from here to there. Our aim is to show that many alternatives have been developed that deserve to be shared and considered. No doubt there are things we missed (apologies, it's a draft!):

Draft Manifesto for Economic Justice

1. An Economy for the people and planet

Develop (and measure the progress of) an economy that seeks to maximise happiness and minimise harm. Support the development of a mixed, locally-focused economy: small private enterprises, larger cooperatives and public ownership of things best run as monopolies. (Models from economic democracyPROUT, circular economies and Green economics, with useful lessons from peer progressives may help).

Thinking in 'systems' terms:

  • Create the offense of Ecocide as the 5th International Crime Against Peace
  • Seek and treat causes, not symptoms.
  • Ensure that strategies identify (what economists call) 'resource needs'. In promoting renewable energy sources, for example, ensure that the skills base to install and maintain the technology is available '¦ or can be developed.
  • Ensure that spatial planning is not just about 'land use' it has to be about (among other things) public transport, energy, water, amenities, participation.
  • See that 'waste' (including 'waste heat') from one process is an input to another. Use biomimicry.
  • See the precautionary principle as some safeguard to the future
  • See that actions lead to multiple beneficial outcomes promoting cycling as a means of personal transport, for example, reduces carbon dependency, promotes good health and reduces noise pollution but also requires design to ensure road safety.

2. Reduce the potential for corruption and strengthen democracy

3. Tackle the Debt Crisis and prevent another from happening

4. Transform from an economy based on fossil fuels to renewables with reduced consumption

5. Tackle inequality and level the playing field