Be Part of It

If you agree with the following: that we need to rapidly and peacefully redistribute wealth and power so that we can focus on the pressing issues of our age, relieve human suffering and protect life on earth we think you are a compassionate revolutionary!

We encourage you to use this label, compassionate revolutionary, in your social media, on your cards and emails. The more of us that adopt a common, unifying identity (whatever our more specific views*) the more we can come into alignment and raise the possibility for change.

The movement is already here, it has been around for a long time, we just have to bring the parts together and take it to the next level. Many of us have been taking actions for positive change (internal and external) for a long time, some of us are more recent. All of the work we do with quality and love and our change activity can be identified as a contribution to a Compassionate Revolution:

for activities that attempt to stop or minimise harm that is being created by the current system
for activities that are attempting to help individuals, groups and ecosystems recover from damage and trauma
for activities that are attempting to build alternatives to mainstream approaches
for activities that are attempting to raise our individual and collective consciousness- to understand the world in different ways, to connect to the present moment and / or to what some might call "a higher power".

So please do identify as a compassionate revolutionary and sign up so you can receive information about mass acts of artheart  and civil disobedience.

*We've said more about a vision for a different world and potential policies but all of these should be open to discussion and debate. If you don't agree with an element of what we propose, and mostly we talk about possible policies, then please don't feel excluded. We aren't experts in all fields, of course. Our point is that by creating a functioning democracy, where we all have real agency and access to good information, we could collectively make better decisions from a position of empowerment and insight.

Here are some other tips and ideas you can do as individuals, families and communities.